To contribute to this repository you first need to fork it.

  • To add or edit items: submit a pull request.

  • To remove items: open an issue.

Inclusion Rules

  • Items must be actively maintained.

  • Dependencies are to be added as tags.

  • Pull requests should include a link to the item and why it should be included.

  • If you want to add a new category, open an issue.

List Formatting

Lists follow pretty straightforward formatting.

- [**Title**]( - [GitHub]( - `Any` `Relevant` `Tags` - The description.
  • Title - GitHub - Any Relevant Tags - The description.

Formatting Rules

  • Use dashes to separate different segments of info.

  • If something doesn't apply (GitHub link, tags, etc.) you can leave it out.

  • Make titles bold to differentiate them from the GitHub links.

  • Grab descriptions from GitHub repositories or homepage introductions. The shorter the better.

  • Don’t repeat the name of the item in the description.

  • Start descriptions with a capital letter and end them with a full stop.

  • Double check your speeling and well good grammar.